Sound and Mantra Meditations

These are strange times.

Times when I have needed to choose to stay positive, not to listen to the voice of fear. Not to let that voice distract me from my path. But I also feel at times how this marathon of distance closes my heart and makes me wobble and stumble. How I lose all sense of connection, how I lose my grip on life.

In those moments, I want to protect myself with a warm blanket and free my heart from this chilly one-and-a-half-meter cage.

In those moments, I sing mantras. Mantras protect. Mantras liberate. They free us from the grip of our negative thoughts and feelings. They open our hearts, they ground us to the earth and reconnect us with the vast, vibrant, loving and strengthening ocean of Being and Sound, with the naturally creative, healing and abundant source of life energy that can flow through us when we can relax and open to it. Mantras can really help us at this time.

As soon as it becomes possible, I would like to share and practise these moments with you in workshops and lectures. Music has always been with me, and it has always been a delight to dive deep into the world of voice and sound. My path has led me to explore cross-cultural and sacred sound, and for more than ten years now I have been running mindful sound meditation sessions. During these sessions, you will be introduced to the sound of Sanskrit mantras and more, so you can feel and experience the power of sound yourself.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new album and the mantras. Preferably listen to this music with good headphones or a quality sound system. In that way, your brain can optimally absorb the sound and bring you to a deep and regular breathing. Chakras are powerful energy wheels of light in your body. You can activate them through yoga exercises etc., but also through sound and mantras. Sanskrit mantras are part of the ancient Vedic yoga tradition. The mantras on this album are specifically chosen and arranged to balance the chakras and let your energy flow freely with vibrant life again.

I wish you all the best, take care, 

Johanna Blumm

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