This album offers 7 Sanskrit mantras that can be linked to the 7 main chakras, preceded by the Ganesh mantra and closed by the great Om Mani Padme Hum mantra for compassion. Chanting or reciting mantras is becoming part of yoga and meditation practices all over the world. 

With these Sanskrit mantras, Johanna Blumm invites you to join her in the powerful ‘Japa’ practice of repeating the same mantra 108 times. These ancient vibrational codes are understood on a deeper level by the body, mind and soul, and contain information that can heal and rebalance your energy. There is evidence that chanting, besides a healthy lifestyle and happy thoughts, can support your immune system.

You can also just relax, breathe and listen. The rich arrangements enhance the energy of the mantra, and warmly accompany you throughout the chant.


You can listen to the album here for free. After you have listened twice, you will be invited to buy the digital version of the album via the platform 'Bandcamp'. After payment, you can download the album in different formats. We highly recommend you to download the WAV format in addition to the proposed mp3 format. WAV is slightly heavier as a file, but provides better music quality and can be played smoothly by most programs. Enjoy listening!


Musicians in order of appearance

Nicolas Mortelmans: Tanpura (all) and Sitar (in Gam Ganesh, Mahalakshmi, Kalike, Sarasvati and Narayan)

Carlo Strazzante: Percussion (all)

Johanna Blumm: Vocals (all)

Jacques Pili: Double Bass (in Durga and Om Mani Padme Hum)

Tom Lorinc: Handpan (in Kalike)

Sven Beyers: Flute and Synthesizer (in Satyam Shivam Sundaram)

Special thanks to Pat Moffit Cook, Vincent Noiret and Patrick Niels,
and the traditions that preserved these ancient mantras.

Producer: Johanna Blumm

Artistic supervision: Jacques Pili

Both with a heart full of gratitude for the profound advice, exciting suggestions and ever present ears of Pascal Snoeck

Recording: Pascal Snoeck @ Studio Pyramide Brussels

Mixing: Pascal Snoeck

Mastering: Pieter De Wagter, EQuuS Audio Mastering

Graphic design : Bert Corsius, Atarake

Production & Publishing: vzw Polyfante